Dynamic Life Christian School

Homeschool Enrichment Program

Homeschool Enrichment

We are excited to offer a drop-off homeschool program for children in grade levels 1st thru 5th grade. Beginning next year during our 2024-2025 school year we will offer a fall and spring semester option to local homeschool families that will enrich your homeschool journey.

What’s Included?

Enrichment Fridays 9:00am-3:00pm

Enrichment Fridays include hands on activities such as history, science, chapel, music/chorus, hands on learning, and physical education.

Participation in Schoolwide Activities

Students enrolled in our homeschool enrichment program will participate in activities such as picture day, field trips, science fair, school assemblies, etc.


We begin school each day with “Bible.” In addition to singing songs and saying pledges to our flags, we teach godly principles (such as honoring parents, loving God, etc.) along with a weekly Bible verse.

We use Abeka curriculum in our classes, which is a wonderful Bible-based program. Abeka integrates Bible verses and stories throughout all subject areas.

Abeka provides age-appropriate lessons which include Phonics, Language Development, Numbers, and Writing. We also integrate Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education into our week.

We provide a well-balanced educational program.

Our Vision

Dynamic Life Christian School teaches students to love God, to love one another, and recognize we are all unique and special in the eyes of God.

Mission Statement

Dynamic Life Christian School provides affordable, high quality early childhood education in a Christ-centered environment. Our program is designed to meet the needs of children ages 1-5th Grade through a cooperative partnership between parents and staff. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and educational experience which promotes social, emotional, physical, and academic development.

Interested in Additional Information?

Please call us to schedule a tour, register your child, or to obtain additional information.